Sims Freeplay – Puppy Oddysey Quest Guide

Once again, thank you for visiting our site OtherSiders and yes,  we are here to help you through game reviews, tips and tricks and mission guides. While I have been kinda hoocked up with the new heart of vegas hack tool I discovered a few days ago, I totally forgot about my blogs and review sites. But today, I finally had some extra time and its time for out guide update. Its the old game Sims Freeplay but yes, there are yet so many missions that you might have missed out. Today we play the mission The odyssey of the puppy and with it we rescue a small puppy and we will return it to its owner. Sounds Fun? Lets get started!

At the end of the mission The puppy odyssey will unlock new puppies and kittens for our sims plus two new hobbies: friend of the puppies and kittens of the internet. If we complete the mission before the time they give us, in addition to unlocking the already named, we will also unlock garments for our animals and new activities.

The time of the mission The odyssey of the cub is 7 days.

How to complete the mission The puppy odyssey

  • Greet the dog: you are in the park and you hear a dog crying. Soon you will locate the dog because you will see an exclamation about him. Click on the dog and you will see the interaction.
  • Call the puppy: The dog is scared and has gone to a corner of the park to hide. Press again on the exclamation point you will see and you will see the interaction.
  • Stroking the puppy in the park: make the puppy’s fear disappear by caressing it. You will see the option by clicking on the puppy.
  • Read the puppy’s collar: click on the dog and you will see the option.
  • Wait for the owner in the park: if he has a collar he has an owner, he may appear so that in the meantime you wait and do not leave the puppy just so he is not afraid. Select one of the park benches and you will have the option. Banks have to be banks that have no table, those that are not in the area of ​​the barbecue.
  • Holding the puppy in the arms: it is late and the owner does not appear, but you do not want to leave the puppy alone. You’ll have to take him home. Click on the puppy and you will see the option.
  • Return home with the puppy: With the dog in his arms go home using the buzz a sim and giving the option to go home that you will see under your sim.
  • Leave the puppy on the ground: You are already at home and it is time for the puppy to explore the new place. Touch the sim that has the puppy and you will see the option to leave it on the ground.
  • Search for lost puppy ads on a computer: the owner has to be looking for the puppy, you may have posted an advertisement on the internet. On a computer you will see the option.
  • Buy dog ​​fodder: there were no announcements so the search for the owner may take a little longer. Meanwhile the puppy will have to eat. Let’s buy him a trough. You can buy it in the pets section of the home store.
  • Find food for puppies in a refrigerator: click on the fridge and you will see the option
  • Put food for puppies in the trough: You will see the option when clicking on the trough
  • Read a book about puppies: You do not know very well how to educate a puppy, what to eat … and it seems that the owner does not appear so better to look for information just in case. On a shelf you will see the option.
  • Listen to voicemails: they called you on the phone but did not give you time to pick it up. Press on the phone to listen to the voice message they have left.
  • To return the call: a person called for the puppy and left his telephone number.
  • Deliver the call by pressing on the phone.
  • Sit with the puppy: You have contacted the owner of the puppy and will come to your house for him. It has to be on arrival. Grab the puppy by clicking on it.
  • Once you have it in your arms, select a chair or sofa and sit down.
  • Receiving Osiris: Yes, the mysterious extraterrestrial reappears in our lives.
  • Click on it to receive it.
  • Teach the puppy to Osiris: With the puppy in his arms, go towards the X that you will see in the entrance of your house. Click on the X and you will see the option.
  • Say goodbye to the puppy: Caress the puppy to say goodbye by clicking on it and giving the option to caress.
  • Apart: Osiris is taking a dimensional leap and we do not want to go with him, so make your sim sit in a chair to get away but before you make sure that if you have more animals, none of them is near Osiris.
  • Caress the kitten: Osiris is an extraterrestrial too clueless and has not done well that dimensional jump … Instead of making a jump has made a kitten.
  • While Osiris checks what has happened he sees the kitten and caresses him by pressing on the cat and giving him the corresponding option.
  • Talking to Osiris of the puppy: The puppy turns to Osiris and begins to bark. Osiris asks your sim if he likes the puppy. Click on Osiris and you will see the corresponding option to tell you what you like.
  • Find the pet shop: Osiris has seen that the puppy likes you so he has sent more to the pet store. Go to Sim City and go to the pet store to see them. If you want and some you like, you can buy them now.
  • Say goodbye to Osiris: it is time for Osiris to leave. Click on it and you will see the corresponding option.

Osiris is gone and the mission The Odyssey of the Puppy is over. We will leave a message saying that we have already unlocked the hobbies named at the beginning of the guide, plus new clothes and games for our pets if we did within the time limit.

From now on we can also buy puppies and kittens at the pet store, so if you’re a die-hard animal lover go running to the store and buy them all.

The mission The puppy odyssey is not a long mission. It was my fault not to take the times of each of the missions on this occasion but it gives time to spare, although better not to rest on their laurels. As I always say if the game you like and the guide also, do not hesitate to share it wherever. Doubts and any questions for comments. Until the next guide of The Sims Free Play.

Asphalt Xtreme – Quick Game Review

In this guide of Asphalt Xtreme we have proposed to give you the necessary keys to achieve to become the absolute dominator of this great game for smartphone, as well as some details about the possibilities offered by this title.

Developed by Gameloft, it is a racing game capable of perfectly mixing unconventional vehicles in competition, non-acclimated terrain for this purpose and some special effect, obtaining from this amazing mixture large doses of adrenaline and fun. You can also see our Asphalt Xtreme Analysis where you can also download it.

How to play Asphalt Xtreme

A very important point when enjoying titles that require skill in reflexes and the handling of controls is to be accustomed to them. And in Asphalt Xtreme we can not make it easier, giving us the possibility to choose between four possibilities, which contemplate from the use of the gyroscope or the screen as main controllers to the type of acceleration, manual or automatic.

At this point, we recommend to try all and choose the one with which you feel more comfortable, although the more freedom we give the control chosen, the better we can express our style behind the wheel.

With the controls well learned, the next step is to know the main mechanics of the game: to race. In spite of the variety of tests that exist, the final purpose is the same in all of them. And this is none other than finishing at the top of the standings.

To do this, during races we will not only have to concentrate on driving our vehicle, but we will also have to know how to use the nitro efficiently, to collect extra gas cylinders and to carry out the damages that we see fit, even to our own rivals.

As the last interesting point of the section, we have the system implemented in Asphalt Xtreme to limit the continuous game. It is the oil of the cars. Approximately four races can be played before an oil change is necessary. To make such a change, you will have to contribute some credits from the game and wait 2 minutes for it to take place.

Vehicles and their improvements

As a race driver, our goal is to compete for as many races as possible and get as many rewards as possible. These rewards, ranging from credits in the game to letters of improvement, should be used to improve the performance of our vehicles and even acquire some new ones. Thus, we can continue to face new challenges.

There are 7 categories of Asphalt Xtreme vehicles, from the usual rally cars to the impressive monster trucks, to the powerful “Muscle Car” or the versatile buggies. In total 35 models, although developers promise that the family will continue to increase over time.

As for the modifications that are offered, it is possible, for example, to personalize the painting of the chassis, but undoubtedly the aspect that we most want to improve will be its benefits. Four are the attributes that define each vehicle. Speed, acceleration, handling and nitro. To achieve these improvements, we will have to have the necessary cards to undertake it, in addition to a fairly large sum of credits once the first levels of improvement have passed.

Racing and game modes

As a driving game that is, the most interesting thing is to know the different tests that we will have to face. Luckily, in Asphalt Xtreme there are several types with which we will not get bored. Some like the classic race with 8 players, the race for elimination, the face to face with another runner while dodging vehicles in the opposite direction or race of infection, where the infected enjoy nitro unlimited. But wait when you know the latest asphalt xtreme hack where you get unlimited credits and tokens instantly. So be sure to check it out!

As for the different modes of competition, Asphalt Xtreme offers three large blocks. The first and most important is the usual story mode. Here we will have at our disposal different series, from novice to master, each with a certain number of seasons to unlock.

Each season is comprised of 5 tests, in which to achieve the stars, essential for access to most parts of the game.

Another big block of competition is the multiplayer. Here we can compete and enjoy the excitement of racing with players from all over the world. And finally, it is also necessary to comment on the events of limited time, where we can participate individually and try to do better than the rest of players to get the longed for rewards.

Tips and tricks for Asphalt Xtreme

To finish the guide, we leave you a series of tips that we believe can come in handy in certain situations, especially at the beginning. The rest will already depend on your strategy with the vehicles and, especially, your skill behind the wheel.

Aside from getting the top spot, do not forget the other two possible rewards during a race. Specifically, look at the simplest of achievements, such as nitro times and wrecking obstacles.
Do not be afraid of skidding. At first it may seem complicated to master, but once you get used to it you can become a great weapon to take the corners and not lose just speed.

Use the nitro with intelligence. It is clear that a push in the acceleration is always welcome, but there are times when this contribution is optimal, as the exit of the curves or when you are at a slow speed after some incident.
When using the nitro, try to keep all three deposits and chain several pulses in the area marked in red on the meter.

Pay attention to the recommended range of the vehicle when you decide to participate in a test to choose the car that suits best, but do not be afraid to try if you do not reach the specified level, as it is a guide.

Do not waste chips in eliminating the oil change timeout. It is not a long time and you can take advantage of it to perform other tasks while the car finishes its set-up.

And, of course, practice a lot. The most difficult thing ever in any racing game is to dominate the machine and this is no exception.

I hope you have enjoyed this Asphalt Extreme guide and enjoy this game as much as we do. Remember that you can leave your doubts or suggestions through the comments of the guide.

Super Mario Run will hit Android in March

Recent news says Super Mario Run sales has crashed down considering that it is not a free to play game and yet that is only from the iOS Market.  That means there is less time left for Android users to play Super Mario Run on their mobile devices. Nintendo has revealed that during the next month of March, the Italian plumber will visit the phones and tablets with the Google operating system installed.

At the end of last year, the Great N opened the registry of users interested in the game for Android, so it was assumed that the launch was coming in the coming months. However, the company did not give clues of an exact day for its arrival. Now, although it has not specified the exact day, at least it has offered the specific month of its launch.

Super Mario Run appeared last December as a temporary exclusive on Apple’s iOS phones and devices. The users turned in the downloads of the game, that offered of gratuitous way the possibility to enjoy three levels of the game. The price of the complete game is 9.99 euros, a figure that is almost certain to be maintained also for Android users.

As the release date approaches, Nintendo will offer the exact day to all users and all registered users will be notified through their own mobile phone.

Although it has not been its first mobile app, Super Mario Run has been in many ways a test of fire for Nintendo, who after many years has decided to jump to the market of games for mobile that both resisted. And although its success has not had the reach of global phenomenon like Pokémon GO – more of The Pokémon Company and Niantic than of Nintendo -, Mario Run has beat GO in some numbers. All a achievement considering that it only debuted on Apple iPhones, in which it had a temporary exclusive of which today, at last, we already know how much it was.

Release date of Super Mario Run for Android phones
And is that since it appeared in the App Store, users of Android smartphones have wished they could become them also with a game that in essence is a 2D Runner, but with more platforms and playable depth than a first glance makes it seem. On December 29 Nintendo gave them hope to appear Super Mario Run to book on Google Play, but what we did not know was the waiting time, a month, two months? For almost, because it is three months the iPhone will have the exclusive app since its release in mid-December, since Super Mario Run will be available for Android in March.

Virtually a couple of months, 8 weeks, is what is missing for Android smartphones worldwide to receive Super Mario Run, which will surely double the figures obtained in iOS given the huge installed base of Android devices in the world. The bad thing is that it is going to keep a bit more uncertainty at the moment, since although Nintendo has officially announced on its Japanese Twitter that the game comes out in March, it did not want to give an exact day, so we can only guess or calculate ‘On the eye’ the day, which could well be mid-March, which would fulfill the exact period of 3 months of exclusivity with the iPhone.

Remember, 10 euros

Of course, we must also take into account an important detail, such as the fact that March is going to be the most important month of Nintendo in 2017 for the release of its new console, Nintendo Switch, for March 3. It is possible that the big N will coincide in the same week the premieres of both things, Switch in stores and Mario Run in the Android Store. What is certain is that both coincide with the end of fiscal year 2016 for Nintendo, which is a major bet for the 2017 exercise.

Why Super Mario Run the same month of Switch? It may be a simple coincidence between the date of the hardware and the end of the exclusivity of the app, but since we will not have a Mario in Switch until Christmas, Mario Run will be well received. Remember that you can already book it in Google Play so that the digital store sends you a notice at the time the app can be downloaded, an app that we hope that as in iOS comes as a demo with the first three levels for free and A payment of € 10 to unlock the game in full.